Buresh Custom Fabrications


Hi Mark:


Ann and I want to thank you for the great quality custom oak desk you built for us.  It exceeded our expectations in terms of design and quality.  The match to our existing cabinets was perfect.  Your great service, flexibility and very reasonable turn around time in working with us, made a big difference.  If you ever need a reference feel free to use us.


Thanks again.

Hi Mark:


Here are the pictures that I promised you. In the pictures you can appreciate the fine job you did when you fabricated our focal point in our kitchen. Everyone that sees the cabinet you made,  comments on what a beautiful job you did. You really did a fantastic job and I'am very proud of it. Thank you for taking the time to make sure that we were satisfied with the end results. you absolutely captured our idea. If you still want to come by to take picture let us know. Also, I need some business card to give away. Many people have asked for them. Thanks again for great job.


Steven G.



On Sunday morning my wife came down to cook breakfast , and the first thing she saw was all her cookbooks lined up neatly in the cabinet. She said "This is beautiful." I said "Happy Mothers' Day."

 It matches the color of our kitchen cabinets. It is solid by touch and has a solid look to it. It has soft curves. It fits flush up against  the wall. It looks like it has always been there. It has taken the kitchen to a higher level of gourmet kitchens. It makes finding the right cookbook quick as a wink. It made my wife very happy on that Sunday morning.

 Thank you Mark.

 I will send you some pictures soon.



Hi Mark:


You did a great job on our custom bar.  Ann and I are really pleased.  The wood grain really stands out and the color matches our existing cabinets perfectly.  Thanks again for your quick turnaround, high quality, and very fair price.  We'll let you know when we have any other custom woodworking projects.


Matt & Ann Bieber